The Cyprus Turkish Investment Development Agency was established in 2008 with the law number 37/2008 in order to determine and implement investment orientation and promotion strategies to encourage investment in order to increase the investments needed in the economic development of our country, to contribute to the improvement of the investment climate and to make the investments correctly and effectively.



To contribute to the sustainable economic development of Northern Cyprus and the increasing living standards of the society.



  • To contribute to the improvement of the investment climate,
  • To promote the investments,
  • Providing consultancy services to all investors regardless of domestic / foreign distinction,
  • To develop projects.


With Council of Ministers decision dated 25.09.2018 and number TE (K-I) 1129-2018​; KOBIGEM's merger of financial and corporate structure under the roof of YAGA, has become an institution where both domestic and foreign investors can find financial and technical support under one roof within the framework of its mission and vision.



 SME Development Center (KOBIGEM)


With the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 14.07.2010 and K-400-2010, within the scope of the efforts to increase the competitiveness of the Real Sector, It was established to form a core structure within the Ministry responsible for the Economy in order to improve the relevant administrative capacity. The Center carries out all of its programs on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Energy in cooperation with the Turkish Development Economic Cooperation Office (KEİO) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) representing SMEs.



In order to meet the economic and social needs of the country;

  • To increase the share and effectiveness of SMEs,
  • To increase the competitive power and level of SMEs,
  • To realize industrial integration of SMEs in accordance with economic developments.



To be a model organization in similar countries in the world that plays an active role in determining SME and entrepreneurship policies by bringing our country's SMEs to a level that can compete in world markets,



To increase the economic and social share of SMEs by providing qualified services and supports to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and to spread the entrepreneurship culture.


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