Northern Cyprus offers favourable and non-discriminatory business environment to both local and foreign investors combined with strategic location which emphasises the importance of investing in the area. 

The infrastructure is also developed in the location to make sure that Northern Cyprus is the best location for your investment. In addition to the quality of the business environment, North Cyprus grants generous investment incentives to direct investments. Additionally, Northern Cyprus’s small but fast growing economy provides wide range of economic advantages to both local and foreign investors.

Another advantage of investing in Northern Cyprus is the availability of qualified young labour force provided by the number of universities and high enrolment rate. Additionally, being one of the closest neighbours and due to cultural and linguistic proximity, Turkey is the main source of labour supply for Northern Cyprus with its over 70 million inhabitants.

The political stance in the Northern part of the island is the strong willingness for the reunification and the vision of European Union. The investment climate is expected to demonstrate rapid improvements with the positive political progresses on the island.

We are also pleased to inform our clients that the Northern Cyprus has a welcoming and supportive government policy which supports both local and foreign investors and investments with the aim of improving the business environment.

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